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In the morning sun, through the lush forest, this European-style castle is in sight. The overall architectural style shows the gorgeous and solemn European-style, elegant decoration, comfortable and chic environment, and luxury between square inches. Marble inlays, jade steps and pillars prop up the elegant and beautiful lobby and the image dome, and the fountain sculptures embellish it. The noble and elegant European art atmosphere extends your visual experience indefinitely.

Harbors are the ultimate ownership of vessels sailing to the sea. Slowly open the door, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows allow every corner to feel the glorious moment, like a smooth stretch of golden beach, and the thoughts follow it away, all the troubles can be left behind, in the details Surging European style. The luxurious, elegant, warm and comfortable design is perfectly combined with first-class modern supporting facilities, reflecting the comfort and leisure of home life. We use perceptual thinking to understand, and perceive each guest with our heart. No matter where we are, home is always our home.

The melodious music shuttles in the breath through the warm sunshine. It is comfortable, long, and tastes a sense of tranquility, filling all the emptiness between heaven and earth. We bring you a cup of mellow and strong coffee, sit quietly on a comfortable sofa, and look out at the beautiful afternoon scenery outside the window.

Full of fragrance, full of elegance. The antique style is decorated with elegant and pure embellishment, which makes the Chinese design style stand out extremely. The top meals created by nutritionists and chefs, the 17 special Chinese dining rooms can provide you with prestigious Chinese cuisine, so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of the world.

Make plans and win thousands of miles. Different cultures are intertwined here, converging into a sea of wisdom. The professional conference service team provides you with one-stop conference services, and first-class facilities to cooperate with your meetings throughout the process. The hotel has a grand ballroom of more than 1,200 square meters, a lecture hall of more than 500 square meters, a boardroom for high-end business, and 7 elegant small meeting rooms to escort the success of all kinds of events.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the world and put aside the worldly worries, we will bring you a leisurely and comfortable journey. More than 3000 square meters of hot spring center collects pure natural underground hot springs for you. The leisure area is equipped with a swimming pool, cafe and SPA private room. In your spare time, you can also devote yourself to the various recreational facilities prepared by the hotel for you to fully experience the luxurious health experience brought by Xinhualian Lijing Hot Spring Hotel.

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