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  • Beijing Star Jury conducted the Xinhualian Lijing Hot Spring Hotel in Shunyi District, Beijing, July 30th: The reporter learned from the Shunyi Tourism Commission that recently, the Beijing Star Rating Committee organized a national star reviewer expert to conduct a preliminary evaluation of a five-star hotel in Xinhualian Lijing Hot Spring Hotel. The Shunyi District Tourism Commission accompanied the whole process and participated in the on-site assessment.

In accordance with the requirements of the National Star Judges, the National Star Judges reviewed the hotel rooms, restaurants, and other methods by listening to reports, field inspections, and consulting data in accordance with the "Classification and Evaluation of Star Ratings for Tourist Hotels" (GB / T14308-2010). Strict inspections have been conducted in various business and logistics areas such as kitchens, conference centers, front desks, sports and entertainment centers, fire centers, and staff dormitories. At the same time, hotel regulations, operating procedures, service specifications have been carefully evaluated, and on-site inspections have been conducted. The service skills and quality of some employees.

After the on-site inspection, the review team put forward the following rectification suggestions for the problems existing in the hotel: 1. Strengthen refined management; 2. Strengthen professional training for employees; 3. Improve hotel luxury; 4. Strengthen star learning. In the next step, the hotel will make rectification according to the suggestions made by the experts. After the rectification, the hotel will apply for the final review of the National Star Judges.

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