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In Kangxi, a white deer fled from the royal deer garden to escape from being hunted, ran away day and night, and headed south all the way to the Chaobai River, where he was exhausted. Chasing and hunting, moving slowly, coincided with the heavy snow season, cold and hungry, and when the white smoke filled the front, White Deer was curious and found a steaming spring rising from the ground. In order to keep warm, White Deer lay beside the spring pool and drank the spring water. He did not know when to sleep, and the wound on White Deer's body was healed the next day. When the royal chaser arrived, I saw the white deer covered with white light and the clouds lifted off. The soldiers dropped their weapons and bowed down to worship the deer. In order to avoid blame, the soldiers decided to settle here. Under the shelter of Shenlu, the business, agriculture, and trade of travel and lodging reached its peak at the time. The lodge was later the town of Lisui, and the spring where Bailu rested was now the hot spring area of Lisui town, which was later called "Luquan".

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